Lost my Roo to a neighbors dog.


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I resolved the problem and don't see any similar problems in the future.

Had him for almost 5 years with his five hens, a very tight knit family. This happened about 3 weeks ago and the girls seem to be managing. They free range and are establishing new routines. My concern is they seem to be without direction. Im thinking a new fella might be in order. Cowboy was very patient with the hens and Im afraid bringing in a new guy to take care of them might be more than they really would be receptive to.

If I can find a mature Coochin I would introduce him to the girls. Not sure how the girls would take to him. Has anyone gone through the introducing of a Rooster to an established flock.
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Im searching now for a South American Coochin but other breeds as long as they are not large birds I might consider. The girls are seeming more flighty and nervous less anxious to approach. Its like they forget then remember something and scoot for cover, no tossing them a treat rather drop and walk away. I hate to see them sort of in limbo.
If your hens are older they may even be ok with a younger rooster, they will be dominant over him and whip him into shape. I prefer using a young rooster with old hens as opposed to young hens, the old hens will be less likely to tolerate harsh treatment from an inexperienced rooster.
Ive found a 6 month old Cochin that sounds like he will fill the bill. Making arrangements. I appreciate the adv ice it sure makes sense and easier on the girls than an old guy. they are pretty spoiled
Definitely go with a young rooster, that way as he matures he gradually starts working for the hens attention, I you put a mature one in with them I would suspect he may get rough trying to mate them if they aren't willing to accept him right away, if you do get a mature one I'd pen him up separate but within visual range until they all get accustomed to each other
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