Lost power


9 Years
Jul 12, 2010
Came home after dinner tonight to find out we had been without power for about 2 hours...I immediately put blankets over the incubators...the temp in the one in lockdown of 2 guinea eggs was 79 and humidity was 80% and the temp in the incubating one was 81 and the humidity was like 40% i think....got the temps up to 97 and 99 and power has been restored...Should I give up?
I lost power twice this last hatch and out of 38/42 hatch rate. my house had never lost power until i incubate. jml. So i wouldnt say all is lost but im not close to an expert either
thanks for the words of hope, LOL....There are only 2 eggs in the one bator and they are in lockdown, so I am thinking they might not make it...the other 4 are 7 days in so they might be ok.....but I keep having people remind me that the hens get off the nest for a while to go eat and such, so maybe all will be ok....
Forgot to also mention, when the power came on my water wiggler temp was low 80 so i'm sure the bator temp was much less. My grandma has been making fun of me saying 'i dont know how hens ever hatched eggs' anytime i say something about humidity or temp
Well, I candled the a few of the ameraucana's that are incubating and they are still moving around (today is day 8), so that is a good sign for them, right?

Can I candle the eggs in lockdown?

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