LOTS of blood in egg...uh wtf???




What is this???
This came out of my brown leg horn. Shes really flighty but apart from that I never expected this? What is it???
I actually got a whole carton of eggs like that from a grocery store once. I wish I could say why.....I will share a tip though, I always crack my eggs in a bowl before using them in any recipes. (Store bought or from the coop). You never know what you'll get sometimes....


Do you have a rooster? Sometimes theres a bit of blood in the egg if it's old (like the chick has developed a little bit), but not that much. It doesn't really look like that..
Yeah ive got a rooster, but these eggs get collected every morning and afternoon and night. Plus he hates the leg horn * literally*. None of her eggs are ever fertile.
Its so gross though!!!
I have gotten one like that as well. Like another poster, I have always cracked eggs into a small bowl before adding each one to the recipe just for that reason.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. My figured my one was a fluke that hasn't been repeated. Fed it to the dog. It was collected the same day it was laid. I've gotten a few with small blood spots. As the hens get used to laying, I fine fewer problem eggs.
Thankfully we were only making scrambled eggs and gave this to the dogs, but it was so weird!
Do you have any idea what it is???
Maybe a blood vessel burst and then the egg formed around it. With all the eggs laid, it is amazing that most of them are perfect. It is creepy and good thing you did not spoil a cake.
Maybe, I was thinking about that but I thought the blood vessel bursts were just the tiny little blood flecks on the egg

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