Lots of double yolks


5 Years
Jul 18, 2018
Hi all! One of my flocks has 23 pullets that started laying in late October. There are also 3 hens. I have them under nearly 15 hours of light and they are getting mainly nutrena laying feed with a bit of scratch and any scraps from the house. I am currently getting anywhere from 17-23 eggs per day. I have been getting a LOT of double yolkers, all from different hens. There are some that are from the typical huge "double-yolker egg," but I've also had some really small eggs that are doubles. I know they're all different hens because it has happened in white, green, and brown eggs! I do have one pullet however that lays massive white eggs that seem to have the highest percentage of doubles. The picture below is her very first egg. I also had an egg out of her that had a softshelled egg inside an egg! So my question is, is there any way to decrease the number of doubles or will I just need to candle the eggs to determine which ones are? I don't mind the doubles, but I have a couple of costumers that do not like them, and I really don't want to sell one of those eggs that is egg inside an egg to somebody. That was pretty weird and I am quite sure I'd get a phone call about how there was a developing chick inside it or something!

Thanks for any thoughts!
Young layers often lay doubles. As they get older, it will decrease.
Thanks! This is the first flock I've ever had this happen with, but it's also my largest flock of pullets I've ever had. I guess I'll candle any really large eggs before selling until the girls finally get things figured out!

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