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Dec 9, 2019
I hatched three silkies. They hatched two days apart in total. The two chicks that came first are very mellow but the third check is very loud. she knows how to eat and drink and she knows to go under the heat lamp when she is cold, but for some reason she is just louder than the others. I checked for pasty butt and I don't see any problems. I did put ACV in their water to prevent that. Any suggestions as to why third baby might be crying? She is considerably smaller than the others that hatched two days prior. Any suggestions, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!!


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Dec 11, 2009
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The main reason a baby chick is loud is they are cold and hungry or both. You've mentioned this chick is smaller than the other two. This indicates possible physical underdevelopment, especially the digestive system. This can make it difficult for the chick to efficiently process the calories it takes in, thus producing less body heat that it needs. So it's uncomfortable, and probably always hungry, as well.

The solution is to get some Poultry Nutri-drench which was developed especially for such chicks. Give it a couple drops a day, and also feed it crumbled tofu or boiled egg for high quality protein. This should speed up it's development so it can catch up. No need to separate the chick. Feed all the chicks these foods.

In addition, since these kinds of chicks, called "failure-to-thrive" are always cold, if you make it a warm nest with a small heating pad and some soft fleece, it will be content and quiet. You can get a small one-setting heating pad at Walmart for less than $10.

If you have doubts this chick is loud due to being cold, wrap it up in a warmed cloth and place it back in the brooder. If it immediately shuts up and falls asleep, you have your verification.

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