LOUD! Red sex link 17 weeks old


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Apr 19, 2016
My red sex link is 17 weeks old and she has all of the sudden gotten really loud. She has not laid an egg yet. Her comb is red but not bright red and i have not seen her squat. But holy moly she is really loud today. Is she getting ready to lay? I haven't really seen her look at the nests though. They roam free in our yard during the day but go in the coop at night by them selves. Should i start keeping her and her sister (black sex link) in the coop for a bit during the day?
funny thing... i went out to check on them and my red sex link totally squatted! Should be anytime now i hope!!
Mine start talking loudly from a day away from laying up to a week away, so expect that first egg very soon.
Two of my golden comets got loud 1 and 2 days of laying. I had my third girl of 5 lay today, no warning.
Did not notice her acting strangely or loud yesterday. Her egg is on the right. GC

Well she did it!!! We have our first egg!!! Yay!! And in the nest too! But the sound that came out of her was quite alarming! Wow!!!
Yes they can be loud. My first to lay was very loud the first couple of eggs, but now I have to be in a room near the coop to hear her. My other 3 girls are sneaky, they don't sing, just mumbling or nothing at all.
I still have 1 freeloader. GC

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