Love having a handy hubby. New brooder


7 Years
Jul 15, 2012
Gooding, Idaho
My Coop
My Coop
Last year hubby built a chicken condo for me so I could add chickens to the farm. This year it's a bigger brooder. We had them in a water trough, but it was rapidly becoming too small. Scott gets to bring home boxes and crates that the big motors they use in the plant come in. The bottom of my condo is one of these. We've had this crate laying around and today we put it to use.

Were you going to be bringing food soon?

Brushing off the dirt and dust from sitting outside

Floor added

Grinding off the nails on the inside

Adding scrounged 2x6's to keep in the shavings

Stapling up the small chicken wire (The only thing we bought)

The chicks love it
I loves him. He teases me all the time that I'm turning the Bad A** Biker into a farmer. Horses, cats, dogs, pigs last year, a calf, chickens, a meanie rooster, and now chicks. We grow a garden, heat the house with a wood stove with wood he cuts for me. Right little homestead he have going on here.

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