Love me, and only me.


8 Years
Nov 13, 2011
Ever since she was a day old chick, our buff orphington "millie" as always held a special place in my heart.

She's just a big, fluffy sweety, and eagerly gets up on my lap to cuddle when I enter the run, yep millie is my little angel......or is she?

It wasn't till recently that I found out millie had a Mr. hyde side of her, since she's always on me the other girls never get much of my attention, so I put mills down to hold stella, it was only then that I awoke the beast, millie fluffed up and had her mouth gapped open, came around to my side and started to peck at me with hard jabs, a moment later stella got off and mille calmed down to take her rightful place on my lap once again.
heehee, I wouldn't be surprised if she picks on any hen you show affection after you leave too. That's very similar to how the 'favorite' hen treats any other hen her rooster shows affection towards.
I wouldn't say she's any better now, but at least I can hold one of the smaller hens and millie at the same time.
Change the name Millie to Ginger and I could have written that.

My lap is for Ginger and only Ginger (who is also a BO)

Ginger is in the middle. Honey is in my arms and hopped up first. Ginger immediately hopped up to peck at Honey. That's why I'm really protecting Honey. Then Spice hopped up just to mess w/ Ginger. You can see how red Ginger is in the face. She gets really red when she gets angry. What you can't see, is that her head looks like she's watching a game of pong cuz she's pecking Honey then Spice, then Honey and then Spice.

My husband is laughing his @$$ off and telling me to sit tight so he can get a photo. And I'm thinking WWIII is about to erupt on my lap and hurry up.

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