lump on duckling belly


Jul 10, 2022
England, London
Hi, it's my first time hatching ducks and 2/6 have hatched which isn't too bad for eBay shipped eggs, they both have a very small lump on their belly, in the same place where the egg yolk would be ( I think ) but I am sure it is not the egg yolk as it has no veins in it and looks dried up. just wondering if this is a concern or if it is just where the umbilical cord has come from and if it will go away on its own. any info helps. Thanks, Xx
Can you please take some pictures?
it's all right, I have talked to a waterfowl vet as well as another person on the website and it will just fall off and dry up. It's nothing to worry about. thanks for caring Xx
also is it normal for a duck to shake its head while eating, I am being the protective duck mum! : )

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