Lumpy food: good or bad?


May 28, 2019
East Texas
Hello! I've switched my pullets over to Dumor 16% layer feed crumbles. I noticed the food is lumpy down in the bag. The date is good, but somebody told me that lumpy food wasn't too good. Advice please?
They've been on this food for over a week now. I bought it in Tractor Supply, and they're known for not having good quality of their chicken stuff. My mother bought a bag of seed treat and it was full of bugs. My cousin(who has chickens) told me he returned a bag of food that was bad. The mealworms I got from there are out of date. I got a bag of cracked corn for chickens and saw a bug crawling in it. The date is good, but should I carry it back? It hasn't been opened yet.
If you just opened it and found it like that I'd take it back. I live in the Pacific Northwest where it drips rain all winter and I've never had a bag of food with clumps like that. Others may feel differently, but I figure even if I have to dump it, food is cheap compared to dealing with sick chickens. Good luck!
Was the feed kept outside? I don't see mold in the lumps. Does it feel wet? If it does I'd get another bag when you return the Corn. I like Purina and Nutrena Naturewise Feeds.
My TSC has 10 lb bags of Purina Layena layer feed if you have a small flock.
Keep the feed in your house. Mine is stored in a spare room tightly closed. I use containers to keep a small amount of feed in coops. They hold close to 4 lbs of feed.
Take a picture of the bug in the corn if you can and bring back.
I buy Scratch Grains instead of corn, more variety. 20190323_063733-2.jpg . Also at TSC. GC


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No, it doesn't feel wet. I keep my food inside in its bag. I only have four girls so I'd rather buy in small bags to prevent food in very large bags from spoiling before used. I went with Dumor brand since it was the cheapest.

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