Made the cut...Partial wing clip


12 Years
Nov 3, 2007
podunk... I mean Wabash, IN
Well we changed our minds about wing clipping our younger Scovies despite their free ranging during the day, inspite of our predators here abouts.
A few of the girls started flying over to the neigbors 2nd story newly reroofed house.
They didn't stay up there long was becoming a regular thing and who knows where it was going to end. Soooo, DH and I rounded up the two culprits we still have and did a partial clip today. I clipped our blue girl up to the last two longest outside flight feathers. DH said not to clip Cloe's as far so I left a few extra. I did get to see them try flying about an hour later. The blue only got a few feet up and quickly back down. Cloe took off and got about 4/5 ft up, leaning a bit to one side and flew around the corner towards the roof of the carport. She didn't quite make it to the roof but is a strong flyer so we will keep an eye on her and may clip one or two more feathers. She should be able to get up and away fm predators but not straight up to the roof which is what we were aiming for. If Cloe is like the rest of our breeder girls, next year she will be too heavy to fly up more than a few feet and we won't need to clip. I was beginning to worry about the girls sleeping on the roof anyway since the weather has been turning colder w/high winds and rain for the last few nights. I want them safe, warm & dry in the secured shed.
I will miss the sound of Scovy feet running across the roof though. Sigh!

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