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    My right upper wisdom tooth just broke off about 1/4 of it into a million tiny pieces. I was eating Goldfish crackers, nothing exactly hard.
    I never even knew there was anything wrong with it, never had a cavity before, go for regular check-ups, etc..

    There is a jagged piece that I just know is going to cut my tounge or cheek.
    I am scared to death of the dentist and I have never had any of kind of dental surgery.
    What on earth can I expect them to do? I am supposed to leave in two days to go away for the weekend for a rabbit show.
    I have crap insurance and if my dentist cannot get me in before Friday is there anything I can do until I get back on Monday?

    I'm scared. [​IMG] I've always prided myself on my teeth.
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    I wonder... can get your hands on some of that dental wax that kids use on their braces and wrap some around the jagged piece of tooth to protect your mouth until you can get a dental appointment? If there is an ortho nearby maybe they'll sell (or give) you a little of that wax. [​IMG] Best wishes!
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    I've used temporary filling stuff before. You can get it at pharmacies, Target, Walmart, etc near the floss and other toothy stuff. It seems to do the trick of filling in the hole, but make DARN sure you've rinsed with listerine to clean it out first. It doesn't last long(1-2 days), so you may have to reapply a few times before you can get in to see the dentist.
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    Quote:Jenna, I too hate the dentist with a passion. You really need to be seen though. It could absess and become infected which is WAY worse than the visit to the dentist.
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    Quote:Jenna, I too hate the dentist with a passion. You really need to be seen though. It could absess and become infected which is WAY worse than the visit to the dentist.

    She's right about that!!! [​IMG] Please don't wait!
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    Let your dentist know how anxious you are and they will make sure you are comfortable. If they have to remove the wisdom tooth, odds are they will put you under for a nice nap. Will pray for you!! [​IMG]
  7. Right, I will be seen. Gotta love having state insurance though, the waiting list for my dentist is loong. I've called and been told that I can be gotten in on Monday morning at the soonest and to call back and check for cancellations (which never happen with this place because they have a no tolerance policy, you're late even a minute- they will no longer see you, you cancel- they will no longer see you).
    I can hit myself with an antibiotic to be on the safe side, I have PLENTY laying around, always do.
    But what can I do for this tooth until then? I am scared to death to eat or drink anything. I literally haven't even taken a sip of water since it happened.
    I'd love to have a cup of coffee right now. Just brewed a fresh pot. I'm scared it will hurt! I'm such a wuss! [​IMG]
    It's not to the gum and there doesn't seem to be any exposed root or anything, when I touch it, there is no pain. It doesn't hurt at all actually. The tooth cracked off a chunk (probably smaller than a pencil eraser) that then broke into a million pieces, most of which I ate because I had no idea what happened.
    There is a jagged piece that is touching the inside of my cheek, it's not rubbing horribly, just a little when I talk and that.
    Bad timing...
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    Maybe some tooth wax like they have for people having braces???????????
  9. Quote:Can I buy that at the pharmacy you think? I know someone already mentioned it, I doubt I could get some from another dentist at this point. I don't drive, my husband is over an hour away, and my own dentist is over an hour and half away... Lovely huh?
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    I don't want to scare you but your better off getting it pulled. I costs even more to have something repaired.

    I am completely afraid of the dentist. I am so bad that they can't even touch my teeth to clean them. So they have to double dose me on the sleepy pills.
    Even after that I am still flinchey [​IMG]... Any more pills and they could over dose me [​IMG]

    I am fine with going to the regular doctors though

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