Mail ordered hatchery chicks process.


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Jun 19, 2020
Hello can someone let me know how it goes and what to expect or any tips. My first time ordering chicks from the mail and have a few questions about this.

1. I'm confused about the last destination the chicks will arrive at. I have a USPS distribution center in the same city as my local USPS office. They are actually only 15 mins away from one another. I want to call ahead but not sure which one to call. Which one will they arrive at last?

2. Should I inspect the chicks right at the PO or wait to get home first?



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Jun 19, 2020
Your local po will be receiving them, I personally never find the need to inspect them at the p.o but I open them in the car, any deaths or illness should be reported to the hatchery, not the p.o.
Okay thank you. Should I document anything when opening, maybe a video or photos or that's not necessary?

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Jul 10, 2021
I've ordered from cackle hatchery a couple times and the post office called me early the morning they arrived. It took two days for them to get here both times but chicks were all in great shape but wasted no time getting to the water as soon as I got them home. Have yet to loose one. Good luck


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May 6, 2020
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Mine were delivered to my local post office. They called me at 0600. The PO is of course closed. So, I parked in the usual place and walked around the back. That is where the mail persons are loading their trucks. I asked them for help about my chick call. They immediately went and got someone. They brought my 10 chicks in a box and they were yelling. I opened it quickly just to check them and Thanked the guy. He said Good Luck. Even though its hot here in Florida, I turned the heater on assuring not to blow on them. My brooder was ready along with softened feed and Hydro hen.
I put them in. I took each one at a time and dipped the beak into the chick water. Then I did the same with the softened medicated chick starter.
I made sure everyone was drinking water. A few were slow to learn so I just kept repeating the dip beak thing until they caught on. Then I left them alone in a warm quiet place.
They can drown in a bowl of water so if you have a shallow dish put marbles or stones in it.
They will be standing and all of a sudden, they will face plant to sleep. Make sure they have an area to get out of the heat or slightly away if they want.
I didn't handle mine a lot for a couple weeks.. Traveling via the mail is very stressful and that alone can cause death.
Make sure they drink and eat and check for a pastey butts daily. That is a sign of dehydration and if the poop can't come out, your chicks will get a blockage and die before your eyes very quickly.
Heat, water, feed, room to cool down and a quiet setting and your all set!
Good luck and keep us posted. We love pictures!

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