Mailing eggs via Post Office


12 Years
May 11, 2010
Plymouth, Massachusetts
My parents live in Florida and I'd like to send them some eggs via Priority Mail and its not too hot down their right now ... just wondering if anyone has done this??? Thanks
I've received eggs via Priority Mail a number of times.

All extremely well wrapped in bubble wrap and securely surrounded by crumpled newspaper
Im in NY and sent some to FL a few eeks ago-happy to report 22 all made it prefectly! 18 are veining as we speak it can be done easily
Eating eggs or Hatching eggs? I use Priority Mail to send out hatching eggs. Sent on a Monday afternoon they arrive to their destination Wed. mornings.
thanks for the posts
My parents were here back in early September when our girls just started laying so they only got to eat a couple of em ... I'm planning to send them down for them to eat ... they keep telling me that they wish they could have some more now that they've experienced fresh eggs
My advice if your shipping them to eat do NOT wash the eggs. That way the bloom coating will be on them to protect them from bacteria setting in while shipping. Make sure you also have the freshest eggs to ship out.

They will be just fine as long as the temps stay cool.
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