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Little Ameraucana Mom

Need Help, Can't stop hatching!!!
11 Years
Jul 8, 2008
Greencastle, In
Starting over !!

Prices incudes shipping.
12+eggs (total of 18) $35
6+ eggs (total of 9 eggs) $25
30 eggs $50

Hit the buy it now button , no matter which offer you want.

I'm going to list what I have and you pick which eggs you want from the ones I have listed.

Count will change daily (due to age of eggs, all eggs listed will be laid in the last 3 days) Also, I put eggs in my incubator every wednesday evening. When someone buys them, I'll subtract what they took and We will start over.!!

Hatching eggs are a risk. I'm not responsible, once they leave my hands. I do not ship to other countrys or Hawaii or Virginia. Alaska might be more for shipping.

Paypal only: [email protected] (I do take money orders, but do not hit buy it now button just email me)

BBS Showgirls-Blue silkie roo over Blue showgirl hens. --0 eggs

Blue Wheaten Old English Game - 5 eggs

BBS Ameraucana- 0 eggs ( there are 3 Frizzled Black Bantam ameraucana hens in the group)

Lavender Ameraucana- 10 eggs

Dark cornish Bantams-0 egg

Buff Bantam Brahma - 0 eggs

Light Bantam Brahma- 0 eggs

Barred plymouth rock- 0 eggs

columbian plymouth rock -0 eggs

Modern game - 3 eggs

GoldenNeck booted bantams- 0 eggs

Paypal: [email protected]

More picture can be seen on our Farm facebook page .


Lavender Bantam Ameraucana

Golden Neck Booted Bantams

Buff Brahma

Splash Bantam ameraucana

Black Bantam Ameraucana

Blue Bantam Ameraucana

Buff Brahma

Light Brahma

Columbian Plymouth rock

Light Brahma

Columbian Plymouth Rock

Barred Plymouth Rock

Old English game


Buff Brahma


Old English Game

Black Bantam Ameraucana

Splash Bantam Ameraucana


Lavender Bantam Ameraucana

Modern Game

Showgirls (white sizzle is not in this pen now.)

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