Making a garden on a hill


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
I have a nice size hill that I want to but to use
I plan on diging trenches along the whole garden area to keep water from running down the whole area and plant the dakion radish along the bottom and side to keep the soil there I I'm planing to grow corn,beans,sunflower rotations of those
That picture was taken from the top looking down it gets full sun most of the day
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That looks like a pretty steep slope. What are your plans to prevent erosion? You could do a groundcover between your beds, or you could terrace it. Will it be a no till garden, or will you be tilling it? Looks like an energetic undertaking.
i will be tilling it once to break it up then I may use no till and I was going to leave the corn stubble in the ground to help erosion then plant and plant daikon radish's in between rows and not harvest those and their deep roots should help control erosion

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