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    May 31, 2015
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    As we all know baby chicks need high protein supplement feed... I was wondering if you could make it from scratch...

    I've made a little list...
    Hard boiled egg yolks mixed with fine crushed corn mixed with sugar.. Also as my final ingredient I would put in fine crushed oyster shells or egg shells..

    If any one has experience with ingredients that work pls put them down it would me much appreciated :)
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    Do your chicks a favor and buy chick starter or an all-flock feed, already balanced, and much less expensive than home made. There's very complete information about poultry rations available, but it's complicated, and getting the mix right isn't easy. Mary
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    While I totally understand the sentiment of wanting to start from scratch and knowing exactly what is going into their feed etc.. I have to agree that with the time and money spent on researching, gathering and preparing, better off leaving that to those who have studied, tested and prepared and spend my time enjoying my gals [​IMG]

    Having said that, I do wish you the best with your project and unfortunately, due to the above, do not have much to offer in the way of ingredients except maybe dried meal worms?
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    You should just buy it from the shop... you won't have to worry about the nutritional content.. and it won't go off or go mouldy.

    If you want to have some fun making your own.. you can feed your home made food as a treat... as it is bound to taste better than the boring normal food lol.

    Don't add sugar to your mix or oyster shells... too much calcium is dangerous for growing chicks. And they don't need lots of sugar.

    Here is an idea for a mix.. I used for my sick chickens and as a treat for my parakeets and other cage birds.......

    Hard boiled egg with shell
    Finely chopped broccoli
    Finely chopped carrots
    Bread crumbs

    Put all this in a bowl and smash it all up together until its like fine crumbs. Make is quite dry.. not mushy.

    You can make a big batch and freeze it.. and then just take out and de frost what you need that day.

    Only leave this in the cage for a short time as it will go off quickly as its fresh.

    You could even add other stuff.. like dried mealworms or fish food. You can get some good ideas on line.... just don't add any grains.. as the chicks won't be able to digest them without grit and they don't have enough protein for growing chicks.

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