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  1. lindalouly

    lindalouly Grd Ctrl 2 Major Tom

    The good news.. Talk DH into expanding soon. We are going to work on a hoop coop and keep our smaller one for hopefully future brooding ladies.
  2. lindalouly

    lindalouly Grd Ctrl 2 Major Tom

    My overall goal is to move my now existent birds that are hatchery breeds to the larger coop and keep them for egg production and pets.. We want to increase our flock by five... At least one being an exotic breeder high quality bird and a couple that are know for broodiness to keep my nieces and sister in chickens at their big farm. Any suggestions would be great!!!!
  3. wyoDreamer

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    Nov 10, 2010
    Since you mentioned that their favorite dirt spots are going to be mud soon, have you thought about making them a sand box to dust bathe in? take a covered litter box and fill it with a bag of sand and some DE or wood ash for mite control and put it out for them to use. I plan to do that in a corner of my coop for during the winter months when we have 2+ feet of snow on the ground.
  4. lindalouly

    lindalouly Grd Ctrl 2 Major Tom

    Thank you and yes we made a sand box for the girls during our rainy season.. I did not use de because I am undecided on the effects of that product. As soon as we add the hoop coop I will have one inside of it so I can claim my covered porch back for my own. At that time we will also fence a section of the yard off too which will give less less space but all my children to reclaim part of the yard as well.
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    Mar 3, 2011
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    8 girls, 1 main young rooster, 2 cockerels, 1 unknown EE (too young, fingers crossed its a pullet.) I'll start hatching my own eggs in the spring!
  6. lindalouly

    lindalouly Grd Ctrl 2 Major Tom

    Got to get the lawn mowed.... Porch hosed off and extra cardboard temperary nest boxes up today. Raked bushels of fallen apples into compost and found another container for an extra dirt bath.... Sat down for a quick snack at 3 pm and within five minutes of eating my stupid symptoms appeared again.... Extended stomach as if I were carrying a nine month old baby on my ribs and heart... By 3:30, the husband puts me to bed..... It is 8ish and I ecan feel the extended belly deflate and bloat escape. Tomorrow is a new day..... I don't like being out of commission in a span of five minutes...... Well, God bless and good night...
  7. lindalouly

    lindalouly Grd Ctrl 2 Major Tom

    The last of the five older hens finally laid her first egg at 28 and a half weeks. Heard an egg song I didn't recognize and there was Lucy caught in action.
  8. attimus

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    Great news one the 5th layer. With plans of expanding sounds like its time for another few chickens. Lol.
  9. lindalouly

    lindalouly Grd Ctrl 2 Major Tom

    That the plan!!!! Gonna see how the birds do during our rain and stormy season and add 5 next spring!!!! Still researching birds but I'm in love with that pure black bird that bird man had.
  10. lindalouly

    lindalouly Grd Ctrl 2 Major Tom

    Little Jerry has been trying to court Ethel.... My alpha got. He lays out his wing and shuffles around her. Lol it's cute, he is finally learning to be a gentleman. Alice and angel still challenge him though regardless who he is courting or messing with.

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