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    But.... But.... birds. Lol and established layers. ;)
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    Lol I know. I need more space. Hahahaha. Soon enough.
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    Okay, so I have a new project coming up. I got a text from a local farmer here who would like me to hatch some Courtunix quail eggs for her.. So tonight after the kids are in bed and tomorrow I will be busy cleaning and setting up the incubator. I am pretty excited!! I dont have space to keep hatching birds with no where to put them, so this is just perfect. She will be happy and she is going to let my sister keep a few in exchange.

    We have sunshine. It is still slightly cold but not too bad. 55 degrees. I got my BBQ out of rest.. cleaned it up and made sure it was still in good working condition.. I am going to make some shrimp Kababobs... Peanut sauce and chicken kabobs... Roasted zucchinis and some jasmine rice for dinner.. When the littles get home from school, I will be able to sit in the sun with a cold beer and watch them play basketball. One of my favorite things to do. I cant wait to start LiveJournal my first attempt of quail hatching. I will be posting pictures as I go and try to jot everything down. Wish me luck!!!
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    This is how I get to spend my day. Not so bad.
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    Not bad at all!
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    Well hells bells and monkey tails..... so it is.
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    You can hatch em in a styro jus fine!

    I put mines in trays upright like this![​IMG]

    When lockdown comes I jus add water to the Paper towel in the bottom that the eggs set on.

    I am forgetting alot of stuff LOL
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    My best hatch ever was with eggs laid flat (and hand turned), then stood upright in cartons after day 14, tilted until day 18.

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