Male pigeon too aggressive to mate


Jul 12, 2021
Title pretty much says it all, I have a hen pigeon who is constantly laying eggs in her cage, but my male constantly tries to peck or slap her, he shows no romantic interest in my female, even when they are both out and flying he still acts aggressive to her, we had to cage them separately
Any thoughts, suggestions?
What breed are pigeons,,,,,,, and are they both same breed also. ??
Do you have other pigoens besides these 2 ??
Post some pix of where they are housed. Loft,,, cage,, coop, and size, if not apparent from picture.

Has this been going on all the time,,,, or just started recently??
You say hen keeps laying eggs... What do you do with the eggs?? do you hatch out young squabs??
If you could include your general location in your profile, it would also help with answering your questions. Climate and season could be factored in. Without location,,,, you could be anywhere on any of the 6 continents. I left out Antarctica with a correct assumption.
We don't need your adress,,,,,, just general city, or state, or province, or country.

WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and :welcome

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