Mallard Drake needs new home with hens!

Michelle 0831

Mar 7, 2017
One year old Mallard male needs a new good home. He is barn raised. Sleeps in a locked shed at night. Been safe behind fences all his life. Not a typical farm duck. More pet variety!! His name is Jager. He's very smart , obedient when told to go home. Doesn't wander off far if he gets out somehow. He comes into house for treats and has never in the house. Amazing, but true. He loves peas, goldfish and duck food mixed with quality scratch. Oats, barley etc...And of course his pond.
Oops! Forgot to mention I live in Dallas, Oregon. But I can transport within reason. We travel quite a bit so who knows....
Hi! Jager is currently molting....his wings were clipped so he needs his new flight feathers before I can let him go more free range styling. Or if u prefer the clipped wings I could do it after this molt. Anyway, I could bring him by there sometime in early April if that's agreeable?

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