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Sep 16, 2014
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I have chickens and would like to get mallard ducks. They are a family favorite at our family cabin in the U.P. I have no idea how they will get along with chickens or if they will even stay all year long..... Any advice?
I don't know about the chickens, but since Mallards can and will fly I imagine you might need to clip their wings if you want them to stay all year. Our rescue Mallard started flying as soon as all her wing feathers were in--about 7-8 weeks.

My husband is from Michigan--he tells me he is embarrassed that we are not raising our ducks for food since that is what ducks are good for up there. I told him that they ARE going to give us food--yummy eggs--and that's what he gets for marrying a California girl ;)
Out of all my birds the mallard is the most anti social towards the chucks.
Don't know if domesticated mallards are any better but mine certainly has a nasty streak where chickens are concerned.

As for flight - my mallard is the most adventurous so I would clip wings or net off their area if you want them to stay.

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