Mallard hen and buff cochin bantams for sale in Michigan--SOLD

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    A farmer down the road had a pair of his mallards decide to hatch out eggs randomly last October (2011). He didn't want to have to raise them through the winter. So, we bought them. This hen is the only one left. None of her siblings or her herself ever attempted to fly away, but she does fly over a 4-foot fence every once in awhile to go back and forth between our pet ducks and geese. She can't decide which ones she wants to hang out with sometimes, but she has never left our chickenyard. She lays and occasionally goes broody. In a pen with a kiddie pool right now and she gets along really well with our other poultry. She is 10 months old. We are asking a small rehoming fee of $10 for her.

    We also have 5 buff Pekin (Cochin bantams) for sale. They are one week old. I thought they were sold, but they buyer decided to get some Brahma chicks from me instead. Asking $20 for all 5.

    Pictures and more information available on my website at Feel free to PM me or visit my site for more contact information.

    UPDATE: They are all sold.
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