Mallard/Rouen Mix


5 Years
Aug 20, 2014
North Florida
Does this breed exist? They both seem like beautiful and popular breeds. Many named 'hybrid' breed variations exist, especially w Perkins.

It doesn't seem there are any named breeds variations of these two look alike tho.

I have seen threads showing cross breeds, but they suggest it's not actually a breed. In fact they mention major differences between the 50/50 babies depending on which parents are what breed. Something about how genetics are passed down differently by the sexes is ducks.
Hmm I wonder why. I don't know anything about breeding but I would think someone would have made them. Unless maybe it'd be viewed as pointless since they're so similar that mixing the two wouldn't really be another breed.

I was kind of wondering, since ducks mate in the wild and cross breed, why are there still wild pure breeds?

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