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  1. I have a chick piping about a half inch from the pointy end. I thought from the fluid that had dried around the pip that it had already drowned but when I pulled the chip off it was still alive but stuck. I tried to loosen the chick but it started bleeding so I stopped, that was this morning. Just a while ago I checked it again, pulled another little chip and more bleeding. I put some cornstarch on it and put it back into the hatcher.

    As a general rule, how long in hours before it absorbs all the blood in the membrane? If I am not mistaken it is the lower part of the membrane that is absorbed last? I have had to help more than a few out this year but not one piping this low, and most of them did not bleed or very little.
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    I am no expert, but I like to give mine 24 hours from external pip if they pip at day 26 or 27. What day are you at and what are the other eggs doing? If all other eggs are zipping I'd think that this one shouldn't be too far behind the others. Make sense? Please keep in mind that I don't have much experience hatchin eggs, so probably best to hear what others have to say.

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    Thought I should add that I've noticed that the ones that bleed a lot are more susceptible to yolk sac infections.

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  5. I am on day 27. I set 14 pea and two turkey eggs. Both turkeys are hatched and one pea hatched. This one pea is piped and the other ten have yet to pip. All eggs were alive four days ago.
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    Are the other pea eggs still alive? At day 27 I would think some of them should be pipped internally.

  7. I will candle them again after dark to make sure. Most of my hatches have been on day 26 and 27 probably because my Sportsman came set at 100. I have read the link for assisted hatching earlier this year and again just now, thank you. She said to wait ten hours and if it still bleeds wait some more. It has been ten hours so I will wait until after dark, that will be fourteen hours, if not then I will heck before bed at around one am. It will be just my luck that it won't be ready by bedtime and dead in the morning. [​IMG] There seems to be a fine line between ready and exhausted in these cases.
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    Can you take a picture that shows the blood?

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    For some odd reason I have had 8 do that to me this year. Usually what I do is let it sit 24 hrs after pip if I can see it breathing, then try and pull the shell without breaking the blood vessel membrane at all if it starts bleeding I do exactly like you and quit I usually wait 3 hours between attempts. Only way I have found to get the blood vessels to draw up is to dry them out by removing the shell at tip. I sprinkle water on the blood vessel membrane make sure chick can breathe and put them back in the hatcher and wait 2 hrs. I then pull them out wet the membrane (which is white and slightly shrink wrapped) by sprinkling with warm water and most vessels have shrunk to near invisibility. I then use a smooth object (back of round tweezers) to slip the opening around the beak then body until entire top of chick is exposed. When you stretch the membrane it tends to tear at its weakest point which is not the blood vessels. If you can still see blood vessels when you wet the membrane or it starts bleeding put it back another 2 hrs. After top of chick is exposed they will push themselves out if not let them sit 2 hrs then help them. All 8 of them survived plus 2 more I noticed were upside down at candling that didn't even pip.
    I am no pro but this has worked well for me.
    Just so people know I am not hatching upside down that is eight out of over a hundred eggs incubated. But if someone can tell me why this happens I would appreciate it. My turners hold at 45deg pointy side down.
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    I've only had to deal with one that pipped at the pointy end, and it was my friend's not mine, I just happened to be visiting and I assisted it out, pretty much the exact same way, only difference is between peeling sessions I wrap the egg in a very moist warm paper towel. Very loosely so air can still get to the chick easily, it will keep the membrane from drying out completely and it seems to make it softer and easier to tear, as well as helping with preventing the shrink wrapping. I've no idea why it happens, it hasn't happened to me, but I do not hatch as many as you. I do not use a turner, I hand turn and they lay flat on their sides in the bator.
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