Mama D'Uccle with broken leg & has 2 babies-what can I do?


9 Years
May 30, 2010
Fair Oaks, CA
Hey BYC,

I need some advice. I have a Mama Mille Fleur that is still tending to her 2 silkie babies, but 2 days ago she started limping and not using her leg. I can feel that the bone is out of place right at her hock area. She gets around by hopping on 1 foot and holding the bad one up. The babies are 3 weeks old or so now, but she is still keeping them real close by. I am just sick about this!
I Have dealt with leg injuries in the past by seperating the bird from the others and letting it heal on its own. In most cases, at least in my experience, the bird leg heals crooked and then they break it again or get an a secondary illness during the healing time and we end up culling. I have tried splints, or just wrapping with vet wrap on others birds, but she is so mobile with the babies that I worry if I wrap it she might hurt herself further while moving around the yard. I tried seperating the 3 of them in an outside small coop/enclosure but she went kinda spazzy and flapping her wings and searching all over for a way out.

She gets around quite well for having a broken leg I think because she's so small. What does a slipped hock tendon feel like? Please any advice would be awesome or just stories to help ease my mind.
aww poor afraid i dont no what to tell you,but ill give you a bump.hopefully someone with more experience will chime in.good luck.

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