Mama Heating Pad in the Brooder (Picture Heavy) - UPDATE

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Blooie, Mar 4, 2015.

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    Shucks can't find the OP who talked about a kerosene lamp but..

    Just saw a "how to" online for 3rd world countries...heating for the brooder was a hurricane lamp with a wire cage...

    How did they do it in Jesus's time.? So if the power goes out and you can watch over it.. why not?

    I have to drive an hour tomorrow morning and be gone all day...if there is one pip under my broody, I'm bringing her cat litter nest box along!
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    That would be me... and in Jesus time they used broodies... They make kerosine heated brooders. But it could just as easily be a Rocket mass heater.... its a job to build but they burn twigs and grass and logs... I would love to convert my house to one....

    Look em up sometime.... amazing things. The heat exchanger can be run along a wall and provides seating for people.... nice warm on chilly days seating....

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    Brilliant Mike!

    Since you bent the dish holders down, if one didn't want to cut and tape I suspect the back and sides could be bent out, more at the back, not at all in the front. Wouldn't look quite as tidy of course. If there is a problem with chicks getting stuck in the wire sides, I think you could just tape appropriately shaped pieces of cardboard to the inside.

    You sure Ken didn't find another "egg" [​IMG]

    Mine will dust bathe in dirt out in the gardens where they hang under the bushes in the hotter parts of the day when the sun is high. They will also do it in the shavings in the run. Of course there seems to be no end to the amount of dust in the barn, coats everything, so the shavings are full of dust as well. It is AMAZING how much they can "store" in their feathers during a dust bath. Stand back when they shake it out, they are as effective at spraying dirt as a wet dog is at spraying water. Even the chicks were taking dust baths in those shavings at 2 weeks old.

    I suspect in Jesus' time, they had hens brooding their chicks. I don't think their power ever goes out. [​IMG]
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    When I was researching ways of incubating without using an incubator, prior to doing it with a heating pad in a natural nest, I had found an article on how they did it in a third world country(can't remember which one now and can't find it any longer). They hatched large numbers of eggs by placing them in layers of heated bags of rice, the rice being heated by the sun. They switched those out three times a day, each day. Said they had a wonderful hatch rate. The bags of rice were layered one layer on top of another for several layers. You'd think the eggs at the bottom would be crushed under the weight but they weren't.
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    I guess it could be done, but that wire is exceptionally strong...pushing the dish holders down took some effort...straightening them out to make the cave wider would certainly be a task.
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    As a structured product Egg shells are perfectly designed to handle tremendous amount of weight evenly applied..... They truely are a miracle....


    remember the force pushing up is equal to the force pushing down.... thus evenly applied. As long as the egg is cushioned with a weight distributing material like the paper cloths...

    Amazing stuff.

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    If you need it wider just do two dish strainers.... end to end.... then make their access in the middle.

    WRT the worry of peeps getting caught you could just cover the wire with that press and seal stuff.... But those ends have such wide bars the littleuns can go right through them...

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    The heating pad would be up against the bars, so the chicks wouldn't be able to go thru', but in any case it would be an easy fix for peace of mind.
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    In the brooder or in the run? In the run, I just let them dig their moonscapes.

    I've read that in Jesus time, the (Egyptians, I believe) were incubating eggs in huge walk in incubators that were tended by employees/slaves. They would stoke the furnace to maintain the correct temp without any thermometers. They were trained to "know" what the right temp felt like.

    Mike, as Blooie suggested, I also recommend that you enclose your whole wire/heating pad assembly in a pillow case, or otherwise wrap it to prevent chicks from getting stuck in the wires. I had an old dish drainer that I tried to convert, but the wire was brittle, and kept snapping. Wonderful design.
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    My 7 girls are doing great at six weeks thanks to their awesome start with the MHP! I will never go back to the lamp :D

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