Man fined $90K for selling bunnies in Missouri.

Doesn't this seem almost like those poaching laws from the 16th century? Or the company store scam from 100 years ago? You are not allowed to compete with corporate interests, dontcha know?

Good thing I didn't get those bunnies to TSC, huh?
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This is ridiculous! It's not like they were making loads of money and hiding their profits. I honestly think this world was much better off without govt officials.
I read some where that he acually has over 200 rabbits and sells whole sale to pet stores and petting zoos.Its not like he just has a few rabbits and sell some here and there.
I will see if I can find the link.
He sold 619 rabbits, which is actually quite a lot to sell without the proper permits and licenses. Here's two good links that go into more detail.

On one had I can see the family's side. They wanted to sell a few rabbits. The business grew and did better than expected. Although it appears that they did look into getting a licence in 2006 and never pursued it. So this tells me that they were aware of the law and chose to ignore it. The USDA licensing requirment is to insure that animal producers are complying with the laws regarding proper animal care. If people operate unlicensed operations, how will the USDA know to inspect them? Who will look out for the best interests of the animals?
Sen. Blunt's office is involved. I expect fine will end up being tokenized and their license app. expedited.

But, regardless of their culpability, the owners behaved like `tharn' (if you haven't read Richard Adam's Watership Down to kids/grandkids, yet...) rabbits:

The inspector watched the store for an hour from his car before the meeting, and his physical appearance put off the small business owners.

“He was covered head to toe in filth. Jeans is one thing, but these were slicked. He had ‘Grizzly Adams’-style hair,” Judy Dollarhite said.

The inspector, whose name Judy Dollarhite could not recall, intimidated the couple, claiming to have interviewed their neighbors about their political beliefs.

Didn't ask for an ID? And, once they had name didn't call local USDA Office to verify and complain about their agent's demeanor and dress? Didn't let the inspector know that in order to continue conversation they'd have to vid/aud record the entire exchange, or memorialize the conversation in writing as it occurred? They had already had contact and weren't considering the consequences, or tactics that would be useful in turning the tables? Good thing they were `bunny' breeders.

Had a `hot tar gypsy' gun his fancy pickup, tricked out rims and all, up our driveway this morning as I was leaving. Safety vest on and claiming he had `extra asphalt' leftover from a job down the road and would `patch' holes in our gravel driveway for a pittance. His shoes and hands were clean, he only pointed when asked where he'd just finished working, he had no business card. The truck's LP number was called into the Sheriff's Dept. before he'd managed to get out of the drive. Authorites, on the other hand, should be respectfully sectioned, mounted on slides, placed on the stage and examined at high magnification. Standing and staring at the `headlights' of the approaching truck is only useful if one enjoys eating the tread.​
I think instead of regulating agencies we should just give everyone guns. Then if there's a problem the people involved can just sort it out. That's how they do it in Bolivia. Seems to work fine for them.
I had some signs at the end of my street for selling eggs. My neighbor was at the zoo talking to a lady that worked there about chickens and she mentioned where she lived the lady said is those your signs she told her no that they were mine. Then the lady told her for me to take down the signs. Seems a couple of years back she had been doing the same and she has officals come in fine her and took all her chickens for selling without a license. She said word of mouth only and cash sales only. So needless to say I removed my signs. The only way they will take my babies is over my dead body!

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