Managing Your Flock and the Importance of Necropsies - Contains Graphic Picures and Video



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So if you find a sick bird and taking it to the vet is not an option, what are you going to do? This came up the other day when someone sent me a video of their hen gasping for air. Said hen had no eye/nasal discharge and was according to them fine the day before. They had no medications on hand and could not take the hen to a vet. :idunno

To complicate matters, California is now a no antibiotic without a prescription state, (, so those of us in CA can no longer run to our feed store any antibiotics.

Anyway, The hen was dead within an hour, so I told her to bring her by for a necropsy.

Does anyone want to guess what I found?
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I cheated, I’m a nurse... ;)
Poor chicky
Hope they address the worm issue ASAP
What caused the infection do you think?
That's not cheating, lol. Without proper lab testing it's hard to say what caused it. :idunno Maybe it aspirated some feed, maybe it was some sort of contagious bacterial infection?
Here are some necropsy pictures:
DSCN5090 (Large).JPG
DSCN4981 (Large).JPG
That seems like a load of worms for something as small as a chicken...
What are good treatments for round worms?
Most wormers will treat large roundworms, but only fenbendazole is approved for use in laying hens. The approved amount is 1 mg/kg for five days.

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