Mandarin Ducks Mated Pair available in SC


Nov 11, 2018
Conway, SC
I have a proven pair of Mandarin Ducks for sale...

They are one year old and from different breeders (the female is from NC and the male from WI.)

I don't want to part with them, but I have limited space in my duck aviary and need to let one pair go.
I'd prefer they are sold locally (driving distance). I don't want to ship birds by mail.

Th pictures are from December 2020. Obviously the male is currently in the Summer Eclipse plumage (although a little white & black is starting to show on the shoulder/chest already!)


  • 2020 Dec - Female Mandarin.jpg
    2020 Dec - Female Mandarin.jpg
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  • 2020 Dec - Male Mandarin.jpg
    2020 Dec - Male Mandarin.jpg
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