MannaPro Medicated Chick Starter


11 Years
Apr 11, 2008
I've been feeding my 3-4 week old chicks MannaPro Medicated Chick Starter crumbles for the entire time I've had them. I've just been curious about how long they should be on the medicated feed. I know that some sources say to give them Med. feed for several weeks then switch off of it, some sources say I don't Med. feed at all. They seem to love this food, but is it best to keep them on it, or have they already gained all the benefits of the Amprolium medication?

I was thinking about switching them to Purina Start&Grow because it is less expensive, but is it as good of a food as MannaPro? I just want them to be super healthy so I'm curious what the best course of action is.

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