Mansfield, OH -- 6 mixed-breed young roos


10 Years
Jun 6, 2012
Mansfield OH
My Coop
My Coop
Hi everybody! I've got six cuckoo marans/rock cross roos to give away. Three are 10 weeks old, two CM/white rock and one CM/partridge rock. Three are 4 weeks old, two CM/white rock, one CM/barred rock. All have the same (VERY fertile!) cuckoo marans daddy.

PM me if you want them! Otherwise their names are Stew :) Pickup only.

That's Dad. BIG boy!
Those mixes should make some excellent meat birds -- and handsome looking ones at that!

I grew up close to Mansfield and we visit often.
Thanks, SIMZ! The mama white rock is my mega-egg layer -- those suckers are HUGE! And I wanted to see what a cross would be like. Decided to hatch a couple of the barred and partridge rock eggs as well, just for fun, but the CM/white rock crosses have proved to be the largest and fastest-growing. At ten weeks, I could already harvest the cockerels (and probably will if nobody wants 'em!) But I figured I'd give this a shot first -- they're remarkably tame :)

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