Many Chickens Sneezing (& sometimes coughing)...Please HELP!!!


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Apr 9, 2019
Some background info:

  • So, ever since I did a deep clean of my coop last fall, I have noticed the chickens in my big coop sneeze. Not everybody sneezes, but it seems like they are taking turns sneezing. I had a BSL hen that I wound up culling because her eyes and nostrils became bubbly. My coop is very well ventilated and I've never had any real problems with illness or disease.
  • Also, I have two other coops of chickens. One OEGB coop and one Dominique coop. The OEGB flock and Dominique flock can intermingle while free ranging, but cannot socialize with my giant flock in the big chicken coop. My poor little OEGB hens sometimes cough and gasp for air, but do not stand around looking sickly at all times. I have noticed that some of my Dominiques have just started sneezing. The condition that is presenting itself most is sneezing.

What I need to know:

  • Is it normal for flocks of chickens to have consistent respiratory issues? They do not seem to be super bothered by sneezing or anything, I just know that this is not normal.
  • Can you eat a bird that has been sneezing? My birds are mostly for eggs, but when they have reached their peak for egg laying, I intend to butcher.
Any advice/suggestions/help would be wonderful. Thanks in advance!


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Oct 28, 2018
Manhiem, Pennnsylvania
Did you put a different type of shavings in the coop? Cedar shavings are not good for them because of the aroma. I would recommend putting vet rx in the water to smooth up their passages.


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Apr 3, 2011
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It sounds like you are dealing with one of the respiratory diseases. They can spread from a carrier bird, wild birds, or from someone bringing the disease into the flock on their hands, shoes, clothes, etc. Several make them carriers for life, but one like infectious bronchitis, can make them carriers for up to a year. Bubbles in an eye may be a sign of mycoplasma (MG, CRD.) You can try to get some testing by calling your state poultry vet, and also you can ask them to do a necropsy on any birds that are culled, to identify the disease. Antibiotics, such as Tylan, can treat symptoms of MG, but the disease can come back again. Here is some reading about diseases including MG, coryza, ILT, and infectious bronchitis:

Here is the link to find your state vet:

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