Many different Pairs of Japanese Bantams


8 Years
Apr 25, 2011
I have many different pairs of Japanese Bantams for sale. I want $30 per pair have some left that are show quality and some that will be nice breeders. If your interested in any please email me at will post pictures of most of the ones I have for sale, don't have pictures of all of the hens that I want to sell. Shipping on 1 pair with new box is $66 to almost anywhere in the USA if your interested in 2 pair shipping and box will be $81.00 I can ship 4 birds in 1 box, but I can ship up to 6 birds at one time email me for shipping quote if your interested in more than 2 pair. New boxes are $16 each. I accept paypal payments for these birds and can ship out when the temperature is 85 degrees or below. Don't bid on this auction if interested in a particular pair just email me and let me know that you want them.
Here are the birds for sale:

This is a nice pair of young Black Japanese will make nice show birds and breeders:

This is a Frizzle Japanese Cockerel he has blue and black spots and looks like some gray on his neck:

This is a Blue Mottled Frizzle Japanese hen:

Gray Frizzle Japanese Cockerel:

young black japanese cockerel:

young blue japanese cockerel:

Black Mottled Japanese rooster has gray streaks on his neck has short legs and the hen is a black mottled frizzle japanese very short legs this is a nice pair:

Nice short black mottled japanese rooster:

Black mottled japanese hen that I have shown:

Splash frizzle japanese rooster:

Have 2 trios of Black Tailed White's these are my mom's she wants $50 per trio:

Black mottled frizzle japanese rooster:

2 blue mottled japanese roosters:

Black Japanese rooster short legged and a nice breeder but lacking points on his comb but his chicks are super nice:

Blue Mottled Japanese Rooster:

Barred Japanese Rooster:

Super Nice Black Mottled Japanese rooster he is short legged and will make a nice show bird has few white spots:

Nice Splash frizzle japanese rooster:

Have 2 or 3 black japanese hens and have 1 that is black with silver streaks under her neck:

White japanese hen:

Splash frizzle japanese hen:

Nice Black mottled japanese hen:

Black mottled japanese hen:

Blue Mottled Japanese rooster:

Barred Japanese rooster as you can see he has a little crooked beak but this is not hereditary it was how he layed in the shell as a chick:

Gray Japanese Cockerel:

Nice Black Japanese Cockerel:

Splash Japanese Rooster:

2 nice Blue Mottled Japanese Frizzle roosters have only picture of one of them but they both look identical:

Black Mottled Frizzle Japanese Hen:

Black mottled japanese hen:

Have some young pairs for sale also for $20 per pair

Black Tailed Buff japanese pair hatched these from eggs from another breeder, 3 cockerels

the pullet on the right is for sale:

Splash pair hatched these from another breeder also:

young nice short legged black frizzle japanese pullet:

3 young japanese pullets, 1 blue frizzle, 1 blue mottled, and the other is blue with silver streaks under her neck:

Blue Frizzle Japanese this one was bred frizzle feathered X frizzle feathered and it barely has any wing feathers and tail feathers I think it is a pullet but can't say 100% it could be a cockerel idk? it is very tiny about 6 months old:


9 Years
Jan 17, 2011
I'm sorry but I would take them if you gave them to me! Your coop/barn/pen if filthy!! Your waters are a disgrace! Think what you like but you're looking to get your animals sick!

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