Maple Syrup/Traits

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    Jan 14, 2011
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    No boiling of the sap, it burns it and turns it dark, just an almost simmer to evaporate the water .

    The higher the grade of syrup the lighter it is, just barely a touch of amber. Dark syrup is burnt syrup, or adulterated. Or both.

    Icelandic Traits, as from past days, I would like to get eggs, or buy stock with pea combs, crests, and/or feathered legs. Any or all of these traits.

    Just to search and gather stock that I consider to have special traits for surviving cold weather.

    I heard one of the new stock sources doesn't like these, pity, they are selecting against natural cold protection.

    Good luck to those in the Easter Hatchalong. So far so good with mine, nervously watching a new incubator in its first run.

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