Marans (Cuckoo, BCM, Wheaten and more), Olive Eggers, Seramas, Midget Turkeys (post updated Apr 9)

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    See more pics and info here: and

    Below is a list of available eggs with prices.
    First priority will be given to freshest eggs.
    Sometimes orders get backed up. First come, first served. I get to everyone as fast as I can.

    For orders of specific varieties of Marans eggs, I will go through and pick the darkest eggs. The leftovers be will included in the assortment. If they aren't listed in the table with a price, then they are available ONLY in the assortment.


    MARANS -

    - Black Copper (BCM) Limited supply, orders are heavy. Eggs are DARK!!! They've been laying for several months now, so their eggs are really beginning to lighten up. I haven’t gotten any #9s since the last week or so of March. I’m still getting a few #7s and #8s, but some have lightened down to #6. They still have the genetics, so pullets hatched from these eggs will produce #9 eggs in the first part of their lay cycle. $5.00
    - Black Tailed Buff (dark egg line (BTB2) Limited supply. Eggs were #6 - #8 at the beginning of their cycle. Now they're #4 to #7 $4.00
    - Black Tailed Buff (light egg line) (BTB) The darkest eggs are only about #5 at the beginning of their cycle. They are with a dark egg BTB roo. After I hatch some next month I'll be selling off all the hens. $1.00
    - Blue Tailed Buff (BLTB) Somewhat limited supply. Extremely rare variety. Eggs average around #4 to #5. $3.00
    - Gold Cuckoo Project (GCK) Cuckoo male with BCM hens. Read more at $3.00
    - Wheaten and Blue Wheaten (WTN) Limited supply. Regular Wheaten roos with regular and blue Wheaten hens. Egg color all over, from #4 to #8 at beginning of their cycle, more lights than darks. Not separated by color, if you hatch these eggs you'll get both regular and blue Wheatens. $2.00
    - White (WW) Several bloodlines. Egg color all over, from #4 to #8 at beginning of their cycle, more lights than darks. $1.50

    Olive Eggers EEs & F1 OEs with Marans roos. Pullets hatched from these will lay a variety of green shades, light to medium to dark olive, khaki and very dark brown eggs. $1.50

    - Seramas Extremely limited supply. Wide variety of colors. Smooth, silkie and frizzled feathering. Some are booted. FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 if you buy 12 or more eggs. $2.50
    - Gold Sebrights Extremely limited supply. $1.00

    BARNYARD MIX Marans mixes and other breeds running together, including some broiler hens. Not included in below assortment. $0.75

    MIDGET WHITE TURKEYS TURKEY ORDERS SUSPENDED UNTIL I CATCH UP ON WAITING LIST Extremely limited supply. Not the hatchery kind, these are the real thing. See pics at $5.00


    You can order an assortment which may contain any of the above (barnyard mix not included), as well as eggs from the following list. These are leftovers after orders for specific breeds/varieties are filled.If they aren't listed in the table above with a price, then they are available ONLY in this assortment.

    Black Marans split for White,
    Cuckoo and blue Marans experimental pen,
    Buff and Blue experimental pen
    Don't expect a high percentage of real dark Marans eggs in the assortment, most of these are leftovers. I will try to make a nice assortment, but it will depend on what I have available.


    My preferred payment method is by Paypal. I don't take Paypal payment until a day or so before the shipping date. NOTE: You don't need a Paypal account. You can pay via Paypal with a credit or debit card if I invoice you.

    I'll also accept a check or money order by mail, but it will need to be sent as least 2 weeks before your preferred shipping date so it will have time to clear.

    I ship on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I'll also ship on Thursday if you're close enough to me.

    I ship to the lower 48 and Alaska.

    Shipping rates will be based on whether the eggs are sent in a flat rate box, or according to weight/zone. This starts as low as $6 for the lower 48, and as low as $13 for Alaska. Additional info at this link:

    I always include as many extras as possible. There is no guarantee on hatching rate! I pack them properly, but after they leave me, they are at the mercy of the post office. When I hatch these same eggs at home I get a high hatch rate and healthy chicks!

    I pack eggs very well. I wrap each egg in paper towels, then bubble wrap. Each egg is placed big end up, and the box is heavily padded with big bubble wrap and shavings. The eggs are packed tight and do not jiggle.

    NOTE: keep in mind that the Marans eggs you receive may not be as dark as you expect. This is because as a Marans hen progresses through a laying cycle, her eggs gradually get lighter in color. Then she takes a break, and at the beginning of the next cycle, they will be dark again, but once again, they will lose color through that cycle. This phenomenon happens during each laying cycle.
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  2. Chicken Keith

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    Might you have any white Marans? Or know of a breeder that would be willing to part with some WM eggs?
  3. I won't have any Whites available until later this year.

    This is the lady who has them, they are $25 a chick plus shipping:

    I see she doesn't have the whites listed there, you would need to contact her.
  4. dannyisforreal

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    Jun 22, 2013
    Someone said to consider the black copper marans for laying hens. What color eggs do the black copper marans lay? How many would you say they lay per year?
  5. If you get hatchery or low quality stock, they lay brown eggs. If you get good quality stock, they lay chocolate-colored eggs.

    They're fair layers, but they take a lot of breaks. One advantage is, they are very good at foraging and finding their own food, and they are really good eating.
  6. muddyfeathers

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    Feb 23, 2013
    Do you have any pictures of your BTB hens?
  7. ohioruss

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    Nov 14, 2008
    what are u asking for the btb eggs? I have btb myself.

  8. $10 + shipping. They're cheap because their eggs aren't very dark.

    I'll have darker eggs available after my good stock goes into production in a few months.
  9. user213590

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    May 17, 2013
    Hello, I am very interested.

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