Marans-Rock crosses

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    Thought Id offer some of these for a little while. Ive had a few people that bought these in the past, and everyone is coming back to buy some more, they liked them so much. I dont even know what they end up looking like, everyone is just so thrilled they have dark egg layers that lay like crazy.

    The eggs arent Marans dark, but are between a Plymouth Rock and Marans. My blue and black plymouth rock girls are out with my Wheaten marans, laying lots and lots of eggs. People who are buying these eggs are looking for good production with pretty big dark eggs. Many of these blue rock hens were produced from production barred rocks, so egg laying is their game!

    Theres also some EEs and Ameraucanas out with them, so if you'd like to try some olive eggers, I can put some of them in there too.

    Price is $25 including shipping, for a dozen or a few more. If you'd like to try some send me a PM and we'll get you some. I should have these for a month or two, until I pull the Marans rooster out and put him in a breeding pen.
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