Mareks vaccine chicks and hens?

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    Mar 31, 2015
    I know there are a lot of threads onthis topic and I've read a lot of them but I'm wanting and hoping for advice for my specific situation. I love my chickens and I'm a worrier and not sure what to do. We have no symptoms but after everything I'm reading I want to do everything I can to prevent mygirls from getting ill.

    I have nine laying hens. Eight were from a hatchery and not vaxed. One was bought at a feed store and I'm not sure if she was vaxed or not. They are one year old and all healthy. I have ordered nine more chicks from a hatchery set to ship in a few weeks. I didn't order them to be vaxed but now I'm unsure and am considering contacting them to add it to my order and am thinking maybe I should do my current hens too? I also have neighbors it's chickens next door.

    Thank you for any advice or input!

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