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Feb 19, 2017
Here's a 25 sec video, I'm not sure if anyone can tell from this. She's about 9 months old and shows no other symptoms of Marek's, except she's not walking normal, but using her wings to go. Her poop is normal also. I'm thinking it could be a vitamin deficiency also, as she was being picked on. I would hold the fermented feed up to her, so she could eat(they were roosting already) when I got home, because her crop was empty and the others were full, but there was feed still available. She is separated from them now, eats fine, but has been like this for a week now, maybe showing slight improvement. I have given her Nutri Drench in her water and some on her fermented. I gave her 1 mil today directly in her mouth. I figure I'd give her another week to show better improvement. Is that long enough? Thanks.

It could well be Mareks, although I can’t see how her legs are working. The main thing is to place her near food and water, and chicken slings can be useful for that as well to get them upright. Google Mareks disease and look for the article “The great big giant Mareks Faq.”
I'm so sorry about your girl!
Sounds like you're doing a lot of good things for her, separating her & giving her access to her own food & water.

Maybe it would help to keep her in a chicken sling so that she doesn't have to spend a lot of energy trying to stay up while she's getting her strength back.

Calling on some more experienced people to see if they have any more input. @rebrascora @Ol Grey Mare @azygous
@Eggcessive I've read “The great big giant Mareks Faq.” and everything else I could find on it, but still not sure, if this is what it is. Should I try Rooster Booster poultry cell or St Johns wort, instead of Nutri-Drench. She can get to her food and water, she shuffles along. I have her in a 36 x 24 dog crate. She doesn't always try to stand, but has been trying more in the past day. Should I still do the sling? I'm just trying to give her a chance in case it's not mareks, that's why I figured another week.
Edit: I did read about nerve damage, since she was being picked on. Her comb was a little bloody, when I separated her. It talked about being pecked on the back of the neck causing nerve damage. Forgot about that.
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She's so pretty! Hard to tell what's going on. I agree a sling might be worth a try. Can you lift her up and assess the usefulness of her feet and legs? Please palpate them gently and feel for injury. Does she flinch at all when you touch her anywhere? Can she press against your hand with her feet and will she grasp your finger or wrist with her toes?
I felt them today and a couple days before. I bent them fine and she moves them fine when I hold her, no flinching. When I place her on my arm/ hand she can grasp it no problem. No bumble foot, checked for that last week when this started, she was limping on one foot. The next day is when she wasn't getting around as well.
I agree, she's just gorgeous. She also appears alert and does not behave as if she were sick. I suspect a vitamin deficiency neurological disorder. Concentrated vitamins are key if this is what's wrong with her. She needs B-complex and E 400iu. If you are giving Nutri-drench, I would give the B-complex and E 400iu in addition.

I'm afraid in my experience that looks like Marek's. That panicky fluttering of the wings when trying to walk and sitting front end down like that. Being bright eyed and red combed and generally looking healthy is also common with the disease, particularly in mild cases or early stages. The good news is that if she has been like that for a week. she may well recover with some TLC. Vitamins will help, as will the fermented feed, keeping immune and digestive system supported. After that, if you can rig a little run up for her on the grass adjacent to the other birds pen or allow her some supervised free time within sight of the flock but protected from them and encourage her to move a little way towards a treat each day, she may be able to re-coordinate her motor function. I've had some Marek's birds take months of TLC with a little daily therapy to regain control. Others just suddenly recover on their own, so don't assume that if she responds to vitamins or St John's Wort, that it is or isn't Marek's. As long as she is eating and drinking and looking bright eyed, there is a chance she will recover.
Being stressed or harassed or put under pressure aggravates the problem, so having her own safe space with good food and water and room to move around a little should see her make progress, but it can take several weeks. I don't euthanize for Marek's until they lose interest in food, but everyone has their own ideas.

Best wishes


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