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    May 7, 2012
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    Ok I have a sick roo. Started with one leg seeming to bother him. I checked him out and he had a bad spot on his foot ... thought bumblefoot but he was still getting around. Then his foot got better but then he was holding out his other leg. He could not get up into the coop for food and water so i put him in a brooder. He is a year old silkie. He was not getting better. Oh and he had diarrhea and his tail feathers were nasty so I gave him a bath. I had a friend come over and I showed him to her and she thought maybe mareks but has never seen it before. She said his eyes were crusted shut ... but they are open and fine now but MAYBE cloudy. I don't know if I would have said that though if I had not read it was a marek symptom. So this is like week 3 or 4 of him being sick. My friend thought he would die in a day or so and yet he is still holding on(it has been 3-4 days since then). He eats plenty and drinks. If I let him out of the brooder he just flails to one side when trying to walk. Idk what to do ... figure out a way to put him down? Have him tested(expensive! ) to see if it is mareks? Just keep feeding him and hope he gets better? I have also been fighting mites on him. Ok if I needed to put him down ... any suggestions that don't include me breaking his neck with my hands? So if it is mareks they never recover? I got a bird last Fall that was vaccinated. All my other birds are not vaccinated. I have heard that vaccinated birds can be carriers. None of my other birds are having any troubles. Ugh! I hate it when they get sick! I hate it when they just die and you had no idea anything was wrong but somehow that seems better/easier!
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    May 7, 2012
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    Thanks! I have been reading the other threads on mareks and what I can find online. I was just wanting chicken people's input especially if they have seen this before or experienced something similar.
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    Dear Avonshire,

    Please dont be dishearted. I am dealing with Mareks now a days and believe me its curable in 80% cases. You mentioned dioreah. what is the color of droppings?
    When chicken have mites they feel excessive urge for water. this makes them release water in droppings.
    Immediately treat them for mites.
    For Mareks follow the instructions. I am a strong believer of homeopathy and i have a personal experience that it really works for poultry.
    In 5 cc water put 3 drops of Causticum 30 + Kali phos 30 and drench in morning.
    In evening Use Causticum 30 + Kali phos 30 + belladona 30 3 drops each in 5 cc water and drench.

    Continue till cured. Please let me knoe the outcome.

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    I saw your post about Mareks? I think I have a hen with that. She just started limping one day and the next she couldnt walk. She is strong though and can get around a bit. I have been giving her hypericum twice a day and she does seem a little stronger after about 10 days. I just read on another site that causticum is good to give. What do you suggest to give with the dosage? She is such a sweet chicken and loved to run and play...:(.

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