Market carcass quality processing?


10 Years
Apr 3, 2009
For us I just skin and cut the back bone out and scoop the insides out and it works great but a few friends are paying me to raise them some quail and I need to make the quail look more like the supermarket packets.

So how does one go about plucking and drawing the little things?
Yes, thats what mine look like too but the supermarket ones still have skin on. How do they get the feathers off? The skin tears when I try just plucking.
I scalded them, feathers came off like a dream, easier even then skinning or at least for the one i tried to skin lol
GBov - sorry I couldn't be more help

Bill- Well, I have a '93 Tercel, so from here to there......okay - ya - they should be pretty good size by the time I get there.....
Not a problem! Your quail look great!
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What temp. water do you use?

PRETTY sure you dunk them in rolling boil water (water boils at 212 degrees), leave them in there for maybe a second or 3, then chill quickly so as not to cook the meat, pull feathers.

i think, i never done it with quail, or chickens.

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