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I'm sure somewhere there is a post for this but I'm lazy today and don't feel like taking the time to search.

So, we usually mark our eggs with pencil, works fine in the bator, but I'm finding that keeps wearing off under my broodys. What else can we use to mark the eggs? I have magic markers and permanent markers, but I don't want to hurt the eggs, Please let me know! Thanks!!!
same here; we have a broody and the pencil usually rubs off. so we have been using a regular pen. not sure if it affects the chicks though...I hope not!

i wouldn't use permanent marker. could bleed through shell and poison the chick maybe...?

I would also like to know.
I was thinking the same about the permanent marker but was really curious about the magic markers. I know food coloring can be put into eggs to make colored chicks so maybe some non-toxic magic marker on the shell would be OK.
I use spray food coloring by Wilton. I just spray a blob of color and then in my notebook put whatever information I need for that color. So far it has worked for me.
Thanks everybody! I read the linked post and permanent marker it is, seems like that is the best choice so I have no problems with rub offs or not being able to see it.

Davaroo, my broodies are in with the other hens and keep getting extra eggs laid into the nest. I need to have the hatching eggs marked so I know which to remove and which to leave.
hahaha I can't wait until our hens get broody*. We have an awesome SSH roo, Partridge Wyandotte roo, 2 PW hens, and a lot of GL's and SL's. anyway, sorry if this is off subject, but how many eggs do your broodies have now?

*Actually it would be nice if our hens would start laying, period.
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