Markings on egg, have you seen this before?


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Jun 8, 2022
I just purchased an olive egger hen and every egg she lays looks like this. Darker spots on both ends on the egg. Almost looks like the egg was dipped. See pictures. Anyone know why they look this way? Thanks!


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Not sure why it happens, but my olive egger occasionally lays eggs like that. They eventually go back to normal, so I assume it is do to something stressful in the previous couple of days.
Probably a faulty shell gland. The shell gland is where the egg stays while she builds the eggshell material around it. In the last part of that process, say the last half hour before it is ready to lay, she puts pigment on top of it to color it brown or green. The shell gland may not be working right for that portion. There is nothing wrong with the egg to make it unsafe, it's all cosmetic.
I occasionally see that with my brown egg layers. As long as it isn't a regular thing, I wouldn't even think about it. Matters more for salability than anything else.

I have layers that generally lay brown eggs with scattered white spots, but periodically decide to change color pallet and lay brown eggs with scattered dark spots. No biggie.

Edit: And I've never seen a mix of white/dark spots at the same time. Seems like they may only have 2 colors available at any one time, not a wide palette.
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