Martha Stewart Show - Chicken/Urban Farming Show


Brown Barns Farm
11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
near Albany, New York
Did anyone request tickets to this show? I think it was a month or 2 ago that it was posted here. I did an apparently got in! Let me know if you filled out the show ticket info or got an email response back or if you've ever been on a show like this before.
Congrats on getting in! Hope its a good time
I was supposed to go to the taping that they told me was the chicken show on Tuesday (3/16) but two of my kids were sick, so we stayed home:(. But if youre still posting info about it then they must've rescheduled the chickens and then I'm glad we didnt go!!! I would've been SOOOOO mad if I got on the first train into the city to be checked in at the studio at 8:30!

I was so disappointed we couldnt go, but now I'm glad we didnt! Thanks so much!

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