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    Jun 11, 2009
    Sooo I received a gift card about 1 year ago to a massage and back place. It was a thoughtful gesture. Just took me forever to use it. So I went last week. I had a therapist that totally talked my ear off. Went on and on about herself. Meanwhile this was my first ever experience getting a massage. Ruined. I just was not impressed. For the amount of money one can spend, just imo wasnt worth it.
    Now a week later my shoulder on one side hurts. Is this normal.
    i had no prior issues with back pain or whatever. What the heck.
    I thought it was going to be a awesome relaxing experience. Should I send a email to the establishment, so they know?
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    I'll answer as someone who was a massage therapist many years ago.

    In my opinion, a good massage therapist takes his/her cue from the client as to whether or not to talk. A good massage therapist will also encourage the client to speak up with any questions, concerns, whether the pressure used is too light or too deep, etc. and will set clear expectations for what will happen during the session.

    Sometimes there will be pain after a massage. It's along the lines of "it may feel worse before it feels better." A good massage therapist will explain this, encourage you to drink lots of water and schedule another massage. (Of course, in your case, probably not with this particular therapist.) While this is often the case, I don't know if that is the reason for the pain you are now experiencing.

    I hope this won't put you off massage completely. It can be an awesome, relaxing experience. If you go to another massage therapist, be clear that you don't like a lot of talking during your massage. That should absolutely be respected.

    Lastly, a good massage therapist would appreciate my opinion.

    Edited to add: There are many different modalities of massage. Not all are relaxing, although all ought to be therapeutic. Some deep tissue massage can be painful, but effective in releasing tight muscles.
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    Sep 8, 2008
    I have politely said, 'I really want to be quiet and enjoy this wonderful massage' --- there is almost always music playing and so you could say, 'I am enjoying this music and the relaxation so much' ----

    I had a 'deep tissue' chair massage at the airport last week and it made flying the not-so-friendly-skies much more pleasant --

    Waaaah! I want a massage right now!
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    I'm so sorry your experience stunk. I absolutey love professional massages. I've had some really good experiences. It's supposed to be a relaxing environment, so the fact that she talked your ear off isn't cool. The gal I've gone too a few times (wish I could go more often) turns the lights down kind of low, puts on calming music and only talks to me if she has a question about the message or my body. I do know that deep massages can break up knots in your muscles, and this can release junk into your body, toxins if you will...this is what the massage therapist told me anyway. She highly recommended I drink lots of water afterward, to help flush my system. I will say that I have had issues of being really grumpy the day after my massage, but that's when I didn't drink lots of water afterward. I can see being a little sore, but not a whole week later and it shouldn't be that bothersome. I would let them know what your experience was like. Your right, it is alot of money to spend, I've only gone on gift certificates myself. Maybe they don't know what this particular masseuse is like. I would not want someone talking to me the whole time, uck! My gal is so good, I've fallen asleep a few times during a message, lol! (and I get the deep deep tissue massages)
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    I agree with what others have said. I've NEVER experienced any pain during or after a massage. I have always found them to be relaxing. Post massage I always find myself in an almost euphoric state. Calm just doesn't describe it when it's done right. IMO you just got a bad one by someone who just doesn't understand her profession.
  6. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
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    Sourland has never had a massage, but the Princess loves them and has never complained of any pain. Much like OldGuy43 she finds that they induce a calming or euphoric feeling.
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    I feel the same way...
    I hate talking to people.. [​IMG]
    Its one of the reasons i avoid the hairdressers till i look like a big foot... [​IMG]
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    I'm a massage therapist and can honestly say I've only had one good massage from other massage therapists I have tried. Every massage therapist wants to "trade" massages when they find out what you do, but I now decline that offer. No way will I trade a premium massage to be manhandled by a "professional" anymore. [​IMG]

    I know of only two massage therapists I would trust my body to~one is main instructor from school and the other is my massage partner from school.
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    I absolutely H-A-T-E massage. I've had two different massage therapists for two car accidents, plus a good friend is a LMP. Doesn't seem to matter who is doing it, I hate it all. I hate the part where you have to be mostly naked, I hate the oily-greasy lotion they use, I hate the trying to relax while some stranger (well might as well be a stranger each time) gropes me. That's exactly how I feel, it's a violation to me and I have an exceptionally hard time relaxing. In fact, both my massage therapists that I went to long term both told me I was the only patient they ever had that talked the entire time....[​IMG].
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    May 19, 2008
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    Quote:Thats how i think i would be...
    But i still want to try it once.. [​IMG]

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