Mating or dominance?


Mad Scientist
14 Years
Jun 1, 2008
I have a 15 week old roo, 5 pullets and another smaller roo. I heard a terrible noise coming from outside, bad enough I thought something was eating one of my chickens. I went flying out to see my roo with a beakfull of my dominant pullets feathers. Any chance he was trying to mate with her? They are hatchmates so are the same age. I recently got rid of the dominant roo so I wasn't sure if he is just establishing himself or if he was trying to mate her. Ideas? Experience?
More than likely, he was trying to mate and the hen didn't want to anything to do with it. The roos are ready much earlier than the hens. I had this problem also with my chickens and still am having it I guess! In my daughter's coop the Silkie is ready where as nobody else is.

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