Mating Season Bad Behavior Help


Jan 11, 2019
Mount Vernon, Washington
im making this post for a friend who reached out to me for some advice. She has one male pekin duck and one female pekin duck, who normally get along great but mating season has taken a physical toll on the female and she is super beat up on her body and neck from the male duck climbing on top of her and pinning her down over the last few weeks. She has opted to separate them but the male duck will quack and be noisy if the girl duck is not in his sight and it has caused issues with her neighbors who aren't amused by it whatsoever. This gets more interesting, she has noted that she does not get any fertilized eggs and she doesn't see the male's private parts when he is on top of her or dismounting from the girl duck. I found that strange because in my experience 7 times out of 10 you can visibly see the males private parts especially once they dismount off the female and it takes a few seconds to go back into their body. She wonders if he has so much aggression because he hasn't been able to "release"... which is weird to me! and I don't really know what to say! do you guys have any info or advice that I could pass along to her? thats all the info she has given me so far and I told her id make a post for her on this website since you guys always have been there for me while i learned how to raise my ducks.

Thank you so much for reading!!! we appreciate your input a ton.
As weird as this sounds, is she sure they're not both female? If the male is quacking loudly, I would wonder if it's a female.
My thoughts exactly. .
Males are not loud.
I cannot imagine a drake being loud enough for the neighbors to complain.
Females will mount each other with or without drake present.

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