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Mar 10, 2009
Hi everyone. I recently purchased what suppose to be a young male Royal Palm turkey, 9 months old. True enough it has better markings than my 20 mth old hens; however, it has not gobbled once and the hens have chased and pecked at it. He has not strutted his feathers, etc. I'm thinking it may be a she.

How old does a tom have to be to start acting like a tom and performing his husbandly duties?

Tracey, first of all
. Last year I hatched two batches of turkey eggs... in each case the toms started fanning, strutting and gobbling when they were just a few weeks old. I do have one tom, almost a year old, that rarely struts or fans. He's the low man on the totem pole and I guess he's decided it just isn't worth the hassle he gets from the others.

I'd suggest posting a pic of your "guy", as there are some great turkey experts here. I'm pretty sure you'll get some feedback!
My Eastern Wild didn't start strutting until he was about 7 months. I think it just depends on the bird, but pics would help too.
I have rios merriam,osceolas, and royals. Most all of them are doing by you bots age for sure.
If you can catch him, this will be an easy one, feel in the center of the chest for the begining of a beard, you'll know it when you feel it, stiff bristley hairs, right in the center crease of the breast about 3-5 inches down from the neck. Also by now, he should have very apparent spur buds forming on the inside back edge of his legs, also the snood (long worm over the beak) should be a good bit longer than any hens by now. Post a pic if you can and I will tell you for sure, or check for these things yourself and you'll have a much better idea. And yes, males do have more black lacing than hens do
I had four young 'uns that I thought were all hens. They didn't strut or gobble or anything either. Then, one day, when they were about 7 months old, three of them gobbled all at the same time. I couldn't believe it!!!

I think I should warn you, though, a hen can fan her tail and drop her wings just like a male. They don't do it often, but they sure can. Occasionally, a hen will grow a beard too. So looks and actions CAN be deceiving. Hens will fight with one another too, even cramming their heads down each other's throat. But only toms gobble.

Good luck with your turkeys!! Who knew that turkeys (and chickens and ducks and rabbits and guineas and quail and peacocks, etc could be soooooooo much fun???!!!!!!!??)
At 9 month of age the snood has developed, that is the easiest way to tell.

Since you have females is the snood the same size as your current females?
Is there more Karnukles on the neck then the females?

OK Here are my pics I took this afternoon. The first pic is a full body shot of the bird in question. The next pic shows the jake? on the left and the right is a jenny. I took also a closeup of head and feet.
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