Maximum Waterer Size?

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    We are trying to decide how big a waterer we want to go with. Not a big deal now but weather can be bad in the North Western PA Winter. The fewer the trips to refill the waterer the better.
    While a 5 gallons bucket with horizontal nipples is common, looking around on YouTube there are waterers made with 10 and 20 Gallon storage tubs, to 30 and 55 Gallon Drums.
    Is there any reason we can't put 8 Horizontal Nipples and a Heater in a 55 Gallon Drum for use over the Winter? We would fill with the Spring Water we drink and rinse/sanitize when it runs low.
    Considering people use Rain Water that comes off dirty roofs and Chickens have no issue drinking out of Mud Puddles, what could be the issue with 3 week old water in the drum?
    Thanks all...JJ
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    Good question. I'm going to follow. :pop
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  4. Large drum and a stock tank deicer will work fine. The deicers are designed for much larger volumes of water.
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    Thanks all...My Wife is concerned the water would go bad or get funky over time. I can't see why it would. The barrel would not be in the Sun, blue barrel anyway, or getting Chicken Poop in it from them perching and pooping on top. I plan to cut a hole big enough for the Heater and filling, on the side, just below the rim...JJ
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    I do use 5 gallon buckets home depot style in 3 coops all water indoors no green in them
    keep lids on some will drown if they get on them
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    There is no problem using 55 gallon plastic drums. Use one with an open top, so it can be cleaned out better when needed and you can get the deicer inside it. I use a 14 gallon drum for my waterer in my run and I haven't had to clean it out yet, since March. There's very little dirt on the bottom and it doesn't get slimy. I rinse it out 2 - 3 times a year, because I think I should. Also, if you get a used drum, make sure it didn't contain any hazardous material. You will also want a stock tank deicer that sits on the bottom, to keep the nipples from freezing. For 55 gallons you will need the 500 watt, they also have a 250 watt, that can be used for 25 gallon waterers, that's what I use. Remember you have to fill the drum somehow. Unless you can run a hose to it to fill it up again, your gonna make a lot of trips still. Amazon has a 30 gallon drum, like my 14 gallon. You will need to take out the foam seal in the lid, so the nipples will work.

    Here's my 14 gallon unheated waterer that's in my run. I have 8 nipples around it. Here's an article on my heated waterer.

    14 gallon waterer.jpg
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    Good Stuff! Thanks Blackdog...JJ
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    Here's the inside of my 14 gallon, that hasn't been rinsed out since March. There's a little dirt on the bottom. 20190717_081841.jpg
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