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    Yes! She was. She has been very faithful to her eggs and really wasn't aggressive when I went to give her food and water. She puffed up and was noisey, but never tried to bite or peck. She is a blue copper marans. About 2 years old. Generally very friendly.
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    Feb 6, 2013
    if you think she will do well, try it! Do it at night while she sleeps. Check in the morning before work. You will know if she has taken them pretty quickly.
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    Next question! It is supposed to get down to 37 degrees tomorrow night. Will she be fine keeping them warm if she does accept them?
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    Jul 18, 2013
    Humidity problem? If so, how to fix: Potential hatch date of eggs in incubator is Saturday, May 7 so tomorrow, Wednesday is lockdown. With minimal water, humidity has been a high normal the entire incubation process, perhaps because of the constant rain, nonstop drizzle and humidity we are experiencing the past ten days.
    Finally I removed all water and the humidity is staying at 47-48%.
    I'm concerned about lockdown tomorrow. Usually I fill the wells and add small wet sponges in tiny containers to get humidity where it should be for hatching. Now I'm worried the humidity will be too high. What can I do? I do want to stop the turning and set the eggs on their sides so the chicks can get into hatching position.
    I've thought of doing everything except adding water then opening the incubator and adding it on day 19 (I've already had chicks hatch on day 20 so don't want it too dry then.)
    This will be my seventh hatch in three years and I've never had this problem before. Usually it's the opposite, low humidity and I'm always adding water. I'm concerned about what, if anything, I should do.
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    Sunday night, I candled again. Still two duck eggs (I saw movement! [​IMG]) and I removed the third that was clear. Must have been the last day of infertility. The ones I have opened since all have bullseyes.
    The six developing, one blood ring, and five clear looking SPR are now; Nine developing and three clears that are still in "just in case". No blood ring. It was just a vein apparently.
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    Jun 18, 2013
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    How do the air cells look, are they the right size? Yes, you can delay raising humidty until day 19. If you see an early pip raise it though.

    Great! [​IMG]
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    Apr 17, 2012
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    Had a great hatch started April 30, morning all the way though this morning at 7 o'clock. You all would be proud of me did not open the bator until late last night May 2the,8. o'clock.
    Some of the early hatch began showing a little slowness. The first hatched needed food and water....
    Remove 34 chicks from the Dickie into the brooder. One had just hatched put it back in Dickie, checked on eggs. 5 had pipped, 5 no signs of life.
    this morning one chick was out, 4 of the other peeping drying out, assisted in hatching. 2 pipped the wrong ended of shell, 1 was very tired. 1 wasn't quiet ready to be out in this old world. Covered it with wet paper and put him back. At noon he was out chirping.
    The other 5 dead in shell at various staggers ..
    Funny is I didn't raise the humidity at all. Dry hatched , when I moved them down I sprayed the eggs. It is a staggered hatch . Top shelves still rock and rolling. Lock down with spraying the highest humidity was 55 During hatching about 42.
    the 5 assisted eggs 3 Brahmas, 2 wheaten marans are doing fine. Fluffing up nicely...
    I"ll put a breed total up later need to count shells.
    lots of CLBs about 17 , I think 11 girls 6 or 7 boys]for sale cheap Have another tray of them coming up for hatch. and a broody brown leghorn sitting on 25 more eggs. I always heard leghorn didn't set. She is bound and determined to set. I gave always her eggs the other day to someone who want them. She promptly went right back to setting on one eggs. So of course the addicted person I am I gave eggs. She is so happy and hisses at me if I get to close.
    PM me locals sales only , central California....PS eggs cheap too Have to quit hatching LOL. Still want to hatch salmon faverolles when they get fertile better,[​IMG]




    Oh the turkey and her chicks are doing okay. I am not quiet sure they speak the same language. But the chicks love her warm body.
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    East Tennessee.
    [​IMG] I have 3 broody hens (one of which is a turkey) sitting on Naked neck x black sexlink and d'Uccle eggs due to hatch in mid May.
    I need to find some room for these once they hatch since all of my coops and grow out pens are filled at the moment with the 80 chicks of various ages I currently have. Not sure how I managed to acquire that many chicks with out an incubator, but it happened. [​IMG]

    Good luck to all those hatching this month! [​IMG]
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